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Credit Information

This service is available only to our Institutional Members, which are banks, deposit taking companies and licensed moneylenders. Their membership gives them access to records of graded information in our database on bad debts and blacklisted customers, compiled from licensed financial institutions.

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Court Leads Search

Apart from routine and ad hoc assessments of risks of business transactions when having commercial activities with your current, future, and potential clients;

Governments and law enforcement authorities globally are strengthening regulatory control and monitoring systems demanding and requiring entities carrying out licensed activities to perform Know Your Clients ("KYC"), Anti-Money Laundering ("AML") and Counter-Terrorist Financing ("CTF") due diligence. We provide a comprehensive online legal case search in Hong Kong.

Member can perform Court Case Search for details of a case, defendant(s) and plaintiff(s) by entering partial or full name of the plaintiff or the defendant, a Court Lead Search Report will be compiled and displayed instantly for your reference.

The Court Lead Search enquiry input can be in English and Traditional Chinese.

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Search Services

If you would like us to help you delve into details of a piece of property (Land Search) or a company (Company Search), please fill out your requests on the forms provided on our website and submit it to us.

Land Search: This will yield details of the property's ownership particulars - both historical and current -- as well as any encumbrances filed against that property in Hong Kong. What we can supply you with includes: Legal Charge, Release, Agreement for Sale and Purchase, Court Order, etc. pertaining to the property.

We will require 1 to 2 hours to do a search, the report of which you receive by fax.

Company Search: For Limited companies registered in Hong Kong, our report will include the updated information on registered office address, share capital, names of current directors, company secretary. Please supply us with either the Certificate of Incorporation (CI) or the exact name of the limited company you want to us to do the search on.

For other types of companies, we can get you certified extracts of relevant information from the business register of the Business Registration Office, Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department. Please supply us with either a Business Registration Certificate (BRC) or the exact name of the company you would like us to do a search on.

We need 1 to 2 hours to do a limited company search, and 1 working day for other companies (BRC). We will give you a report by fax.

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Auto-Monitoring Service

Our Smart Search Engine software will help you find out whether or not your clients, business partners, associates, suppliers and other persons relevant to your business, have been or are involved in any civil and/or criminal litigations. With this software, which we can install on your computer for an installation fee, you will automatically get a report if the subjects/persons you wish to monitor becomes involved in any court actions or any other cases of interest. The report will also include information on person(s) and/or corporation(s), if any, associated with your subjects/persons.

If you prefer not to have this software installed in your system, we can also do the monitoring for you for a fee, and provide you with a report, either by email or fax, highlighting the monitored subjects/persons, if they get involved in any court cases.

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Financial & Professional Services

Our experienced consultants and professionals can help you with a range of financial and accounting services on request.

These services include:

  • Production of professional financial reports
  • Finance arrangements
  • Financial planning, project financial analysis
  • Tax planning
  • Fundamental accounting service and Setup
  • Sourcing ready-made and/or tailor-made software packages for a Loan Administration system that can be integrated with your Accounting System
  • Projects - company start-up, interim management, workflow consultancy, etc.

The fees charged for these services depend on the complexity of the work involved and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.

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