We Provide Reliable and Accurate Credit Information

Which type of membership should you have?

We offer a scalable service that is tailored to suit your requirements. There are two broad categories of membership and within each, you can tap our data as you see fit.

Institutional Membership

Offers access to graded and general public records. Banks, deposit taking companies, licensed money lenders, typically take up this membership

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General Membership

Provides access only to general public records.

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We have several packages for your consideration. For details, please call our hotline: (852) 2187 2881.

Note: For each type of membership we will provide extra services on request and additional fee will vary depending on the services needed.

How To Be A Member

How can you be a member?

Fill in the Application Form from the website and submit it to us.

Note: All applications must be approved by the ECREDIT MANAGEMENT LIMITED before users can make any search because of personal data protection requirements. All application approvals are conditional on our receiving payment.

Payment Modes

How do you pay us?

Choose from any of the following methods:

Paypal - By using the online payment gateway.

FPS - By using the Fast Payment System, our FPS ID is 102128162.

Cheque/Bank Draft - By mailing to us a bank draft, your personal or company cheque with the required amount, made payable to ECREDIT MANAGEMENT LIMITED.

Cash - By depositing the sum directly to our designated bank accounts and faxing a copy of the deposit slip to us. Details are in the box below.

Bank A/C: 390-446995-883
Bank     : Hang Seng Bank Limited

Term & Conditions

How does the membership system work?

  • Each member will be given a number of Credit Units depending on the membership package requested.
  • Credit Units will be deducted from each member's account for every search, depending on the type of search. The number of Credit Units for each type of search shall be amended as needed, at the sole discretion of eCML and without notice. However, for members who joined before the amendment(s), credit unit deductions will be made based on the old scale for ONE month after the amendment(s).
  • The credit units of Company or Land search must be prepaid and cannot be deducted from the member's account for court searches.
  • A tally of used and remaining number of Credit Units will be shown at the end of each transaction so members can decide if they wish to acquire more Credit Units.
  • All Credit Units have to be acquired before any searches can be made.
  • All Credit Units can be used solely for conducting searches on creditcheck.com.hk and cannot be used for any other purpose.
  • Credit Units are non-refundable and cannot be converted into cash. Unused Credit Units can be credited to the following month for usage.
  • Validity of credit units is Three (3) months.
How can members check their balance of credit units?

  • We provide all members with an automatic counter to tally the Credit Units on their accounts.
  • Each check done by a client counts as one transaction and the relevant number of credit units will be deducted from the client's account. Once all credit units are used up, a client can request more credit units for which we will levy a charge. Without credit units, a client cannot make any further checks.

If you have an enquiry or wish to dispute any matter regarding your membership and/or your credit unit account with us, please send an email to inquiry@creditcheck.com.hk Or Call us on (852) 2187-2881