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We compiled our reports after conducting comprehensive searches into our Court File and Collection Record Database, which comprises public records, cases heard in Hong Kong's Court of Final Appeal, High Court, District Court, and Small Claims and other Tribunals and Magistrates’ Courts, as well as bankruptcy orders, winding-up petitions, compulsory and voluntary liquidation orders. The cases and/or writs shown in our reports were recorded at the time these cases and/or writs were filed and they could have since been settled, withdrawn, deferred, amended or subjected to some other outcome. The data contained in our reports are only for information and reference purposes and do not represent the exact format of any official records as there could have been changes made to company structures, names or legal status and different inputting format in our database.

Information on this website has been taken from trade/market/public and other sources believed to be reliable and are provided by us in good faith. We have not verified and do not claim or guarantee that such information is accurate, complete or fair, and no piece of information should be relied upon as such. Any opinion expressed reflects our view on the date the opinion is given and is subject to change without notice. We accept no liability for any loss or damage whatsoever arising from reliance on any information given or opinion expressed on this website.

Furthermore, Members/Users/Subscribers are reminded that searched subject could have same or similar name(s) and/or name(s) with typo with some records contained in our database; however, it will not be our responsibility to guarantee the unique identification of each subject searched which matches with one or more records stored in our database. Members/Users/Subscribers are strongly advised to verify the identity of the searched subject with whom a positive match is found with record(s) contained in our database and reminded to take note that records contain in our database may only reveal information about an individual subject being involved in a legal proceedings and/or being prosecuted but such may not include any information about the case result; such as, the case settlement, discharge, withdrawal and/or the subject being acquitted or found guilty of an offence. We shall not be responsible and liable to any loss or damage with respect to any mis-identification of searched subject having positive matching with our database records. Moreover, users/subscribers are reminded that they may not achieve expected result(s) if the search tips provided by this website is not followed.

The information under "Credit Information" on this website is supplied by, and only accessible to, specific members of the finance and credit sector, with the consent of the concerned subject. The concerned subject has the right to request that we amend and update the respective record in accordance with the appropriate section of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance.

This Disclaimer is to be read in conjunction with our Subscription Agreement, Data Usage Restriction.

version: 2021-10-11