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Data available in public domain

  • The information (the “Information”) contain in the database (the “Database”) of this website are obtained from public domain.
  • All data users are reminded to observe the restrictions of use of such data pursuant to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, Cap 486 (the “PDPO”). In particular, personal data shall not, without the prescribed consent of the data subject, be used for a new purpose.1
  • The Information only contain data fields obtained and made available from the public domain according to the primary purpose of such information is so provided by the respective public data provider(s) and no Matching Procedures and cross-referencing are made thereto.

Restrictions on the Use of Data provided in the Database

  • The Information shall only be used for the primary purpose of such data were obtained from the respective public domain. The use of the Information other than those provided under Part 8 of the PDPO. eCML is entitled to stop any user to further use of the Information should it come to eCML’s notice that such use other than those allowed under the PDPO.
  • It is expressly prohibited to use the information gathered from the Database in any unfair, deceptive, and any other unlawful purpose.
  • The Information obtained from the Database shall be held in strict confidence and shall never be reproduced, revealed, or made accessible in whole or in part, in any manner whatsoever, to any third party unless required by law.
  • None of the Information may be used to create the whole or any part of any mailing list, telemarketing list, other marketing or research aid or other data compilation which is to be sold or otherwise provided to any third party.
  • eCML does not and cannot guarantee or warrant the correctness, completeness or currentness of the Information as it would solely rely on the accuracy of the data supplied by the respective public data provider(s).
  • The Information may contain names of individuals which are commonly used names but eCML has no intention and is not in any position to match the exact and correct identity of such person with any record of the common “subject name” and such matching is not provided in the Database.2
  • Use of the Information must comply with all regulations stipulated under the PDPO, and any applicable privacy, data protection, or other requirements imposed by the Laws of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region and any other foreign jurisdictions.


All data subject, individuals whose names appear in the Database, are welcome to request eCML to verify the accuracy, make amendment and alteration of disclosed in the Information provided that the individual can positively identify himself/herself that he/she is the data subject mentioned in the Database. eCML reserves the rights to charge the data subject for an administrative fee for a minimum of HK$100 for such service per each requested record amendment.

This Data Usage Restriction is to be read in conjunction with our Subscription Agreement, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy and Cookies Statement.

1 Data Protection Principle (“DPP”) 3.
2 DPP3 and Part 6 of PDPO.

version: 2020-09-08