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Why People Trust Us?

Our Company have been assisting key clients, including international and local investment banks, securities houses, legal firms, accounting firms, I/E companies, HR consultants, SMEs etc. in the Client Due Diligence ("CDD") for over 20 years.

  • Over 9,500,000 records from most if not all levels of Court
  • 20+ years experience in the Client Due Diligence ("CDD")
  • Accessible ANYWHERE

Our Services

Credit Information

This service is available only to our Institutional Members, which are banks, deposit taking companies and licensed moneylenders. Their membership gives them access to records of graded information in our database on bad debts and blacklisted customers, compiled from licensed financial institutions.

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Court Leads Search

All members can search for details of a case, defendant (s) and plaintiff (s) by entering a known and valid case number AND the action year, or the full names of the plaintiff or the defendant. We provide a credit check report based on a court action for your reference. If you would like to do a search in Chinese, enter traditional Chinese characters.

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Search Services

If you would like us to help you delve into details of a piece of property (Land Search) or a company (Company Search), please fill out your requests on the forms provided on our website and submit it to us.

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Auto-Monitoring Service

Our Smart Search Engine software will help you find out whether or not your clients, business partners, associates, suppliers and other persons relevant to your business, have been or are involved in any civil and/or criminal litigations.

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Financial & Professional Services

Our experienced consultants and professionals can help you with a range of financial and accounting services on request.

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